A Message from Mayor Joe Staller

Mayor Joe Staller  

Welcome to the City of Plankinton's government webpage.  Our elected officials and city staff are committed to working efficiently in addressing the needs of our community and our residents.  We want to hear from you !

Plankinton recently completed the underground utilities infrastructure to support citywide distribution from our new and beautiful tall water tower.   Our community is proud of being selected as a former South Dakota Community of the Year in the Small Community category.  Much hard work and teamwork among community members resulted in this exciting award.  Please visit Plankinton and see for yourself what our progress is all about !

Plankinton City Hall
102 South Main Street
P.O. Box 517
Plankinton, SD  57368-0517

Phone Number

Fax Number

Business Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm   Mon. through Fri.

Joe Staller  942-7428  Term to 2018

Council Members Ward I
Terrance Schuldt  942-xxxx  Term to 2018
Pam Vissia  942-7145  Term to 2017

Council Members Ward II
Brad Kehn  942-7149  Term to 2017
Tom Madrigal  942-xxxx  Term to 2018

Council Members Ward III
Jim Hinckley  942-7690  Term to 2017
Susan Steele  942-xxxx  Term to 2017

City Staff
Jeanette Smith  Finance Officer
Eileen Sorsen
  Deputy Finance Officer
Vern Hill  Utilities Superintendent
Brent Morenz  General Maintenance
Barry Geiman  General Maintenance
Beth Ann Walz  City Librarian


City of Plankinton
Plankinton City Hall

The City of Plankinton conducts the business of city government at Plankinton City Hall, now located at 102 South Main Street in Plankinton.  Residents of the community are represented by a mayor/council form of government, with the town divided geographically into wards.  The Plankinton City Council meets the first Monday of the each month at 6:30 pm in City Hall, with meetings that fall on holidays moved to Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend.  Please schedule with City Hall at 942-7767 prior to the meeting if you would like to speak and be added to the agenda.

Plankinton City Hall is located at 102 South Main Street

City Finance Officer Jeanette Smith manages the daily business of Plankinton City Hall.  Utilities Superintendent Vern Hill manages city infrastructure development and maintenance, including electrical, streets, and water utilities.  Plankinton offers one of the lowest electrical rates in South Dakota through use of an innovative energy management system.


Electric & Water Utilities - Services & Payments
Building Permits and Inspections
Dog Tags
Liquor Licenses
Cemetery Plot Sales
Ordinances, Zoning, and Building Codes
Record Archives from 1881

To obtain more information about city services or to make general inquiries, please call City Hall at 605-942-7767.

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